"EU-topp anklagas för vänskapskorruption"

"Med mindre än två månader kvar till EU-valet riktas anklagelser om vänskapskorruption mot EU-kommissionens ordförande Ursula von der Leyen."


"Austria grapples with espionage scandal exposing deep Russian infiltration

Associated Press report unmaks senior Austrian intelligence officer working for Kremlin for years, relaying state secrets and confidential information on European governments to Moscow"


"ROME – Fratelli D’Italia’s former Palermo city councillor, Mimmo Russo, was arrested on charges of collusion with the mafia, police said.

 Russo, 69, is accused of “external complicity in mafia association” including "political-mafia vote exchange, aggravated extortion, bribery, and complicity in corruption for acts contrary to official duties."

 According to Palermo Prosecutor’s Office, who issued the warrant for his arrest, the politician allegedly secured jobs for unemployed mafia members at local supermarkets and associations that were financed with public funds."